Get The True Rehab Cost When Flipping Homes

How much should it cost to rehab a home? Good question, here is some information on rehabbing that should be helpful.Listed below is a renovation project on a 2000 square feet house in a nice suburb of Columbus. Here is a breakdown of the cost to do the renovations.Rehabbing cost below should give you an idea of what you need to be spending when rehabbing a house. A lot of new investors spend too much money when rehabbing because they do not know the wholesale cost of their rehab project.Some general cost when rehabbing houses:1) $300.00 Dumpster delivery and pick up.2) $600.00 Labor for carpet removal, removing wall paper in
hall and master bath, removing vinyl and sub floor hall and master bath,
and removing kitchen cabinets, and counter tops.3) $600.00 Tile master and hall bath.4) $300.00 Kitchen counter top “tiled”5) $1500.00 Paint interior walls6) $600.00 Paint trim and door on second floor.7) $350.00 Kitchen light and hall bath light fixtures, also adding outlet coversand adding switch in hall bath.8) $75.00 New toilet seats in all bath rooms9) $150.00 Paint deck10) $140.00 New wire shelves in back bed room.11) $375.00 Used but looks new Range and fridge. (We did not get)12) $1,500.00 Cabinets in the kitchen and installation13) $2,100.00 New carpet in the house with thick pad14) $700.00 LandscapingYour contractor agreement should have a more detailed description of the rehab needed.When rehabbing you need to get wholesale pricing and not retail pricing, this includes labor and material. Contractor cost and turn around time is the key to profiting when rehabbing and hopefully you bought the property cheap enough.

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